Building Health and Care


Established in 1976, the ISSE is a Not For Profit, Charitable Ofqual Registered Professional Educational Training Guidance Provider, Accreditation & Qualification Awarding Body and Innovative Scientific Research & Development organisation that welcomes membership by anyone (eg: professional service providers such as Surveyors, Engineers, Installation Technicians, Contractors, Estate & Letting Agents, Property Landlords, Medical Doctors, Physicians and Innovative Scientific Researchers together with Students, Trainees, Apprentices, Nursing Staff and Junior Doctors with career aspirations and even home owners or tenants with home improvement or DIY concerns) who is interested in the provision of high professional standards of repair, maintenance, improvement, preservation and conservation of properties consistent with Best Practices uniquely provided on an Ethical and Human Health beneficial basis consistent with the ISSE Code of Professional Conduct (COPC) and Treat Clients Honestly and Fairly Policy (TCHFP) embracing the constant developments in new construction and medical materials, products and techniques and on this basis is a full member and/or full partner with the following organisations:-

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) based in the UK Parliament - which enables the ISSE to directly influence UK Government legislative policy.

The International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) based in Paris - which enables the ISSE to influence international conservation policy.

The National Aspergillosis Centre (NAC) based at the NHS University Hospital Wythenshawe Manchester - which enables ISSE to influence NHS policy and arrange for ISSE members to work closely with medical researchers, doctors and clinicians in circumstances where the health of property occupants is potentially deemed to be adversely affected by property defects.


The Awarding Body of the Built Environment (ABBE) based at the Birmingham City University - which enables the ISSE to influence educational policies and provide a comprehensive and robust range of Ofqual registered educational training guidance and Competence Assessment based qualification certificates and diplomas on a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) basis, at competitive rates, which allows members to study and qualify up to level 6+ (Level 6 equating approximately to a bachelor degree) at a pace to suit their individual lifestyle, financial circumstances and personal aspirations - consistent with the official governmental Office for Qualifications (Ofqual) Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) Competence Assessment Rating System which rates competence on a scale ranging from level 1 (basic awareness) up to level 8 (Phd).

Regional Meetings

Regional and national meetings are held and a list of meetings and venues can be viewed on this site. Anyone interested in attending meetings or joining the ISSE please contact us.

email [email protected] .