Professional membership is subject to prior receipt of certain documentation /information necessary to confirm satisfaction of the relevant membership category criteria as shown on the membership page.

These can be provided either: 

Together with confirmation of commencement of membership subscriptions.

The following documents are required to support your application:

  1. A copy CV or career history narrative
  2. Copies of any existing vocational or academic qualification certificates.
  3. Copies of any Continuous Professional Development (CPD) attendance certificates awarded, particularly within the last 3 years.
  4. Copies of at least 4 example survey reports or other documentation necessary to confirm the range of specialisms and complexity of the service currently provided.
  5. Confirmation as to whether or not receipt of public enquiries generated by the ISSE is required and if yes:-

      i) The geographical area in which such enquiries are required.
     ii) A copy of a prevailing Professional Indemnity Insurance cover policy.       

6. Commencement of membership subscriptions (£180 per annum, £50 per quarter, £18 per month) which can be arranged by way of credit card payment via the ISSE website or by phoning the admin office contact number 0114 2455552 during the stipulated office opening times.

NB: Should you experience any difficulty in collating and/or submitting the above documentation, it is possible to apply for membership without providing all the requisite documentation by commencing membership subscriptions and submitting the documentation/information, either part or whole, at a later stage thereby taking advantage of the same of the membership benefits eg: The complimentary HMRC tax and vat investigation legal/accountancy costs protection insurance cover (usually costing substantially more than the ISSE annual membership subscription when purchased individually from other sources), access to a wide range of education, training and qualification programmes/publication and technical support/complaints resolution and mediation/arbitration services.

This will temporarily delay your eligibility to receive a membership certificate, publically advertise your membership, display the relevant post-nominal initials and/or receive post-nominal initials and/or receive institute generated enquiries, subject to the documentation omitted.