Affiliate and Associate Corporate Membership

All Corporate Membership applications are initially awarded Affiliate Corporate membership status on a provisional basis until initial assessment and vetting are completed.  

Corporate Membership is appropriate for :

Any Corporate organisation having a genunine interest in the construction of new buildings and/or the Condition Assessment, Repair, Maintenance, Improvement and Conservation of exisiting buildings consistent with Best Practice & Honet/Ethical Behaviour eg: Educational body, University, Institute, College, School, School Department, Training Provider, Research & Development Group, Science Laboratory, Bank, Building Socitety, Mortgage Lender, Mortgage Broker, Insurance Company/Broker, Legal Partnership, Architectural Partnership, Surveyor Partnership, Estate/Letting Agency, Trade Association, Product Manufacturerer/Supplier.

NB: Includes one Professional Membership Subscription and 50% discount on additional Professional Membership Subscriptions when remitted simultaneously.

Corporate Membership Subscription frequency and rates - Additional Information


Payment (vat inapplicable for Educational Institutions)


£25Link for this payment


£65Link to this payment


£230Link to this payment

Membership subscriptions

These are payable in advance and can be remitted by either: 

(a) Online Payment - Please click the Payment button in the option you require. 

(b) Credit or debit card payment by phone to the ISSE Administration Centre on 0114 2455552.


Note: All payments need to be identified with your company name and postcode to ensure that they are appropriately allocated to your ISSE membership account.

Additional Information: