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Pre-Course Assessment, Training and Qualifications

Pre-Course Assessment: 

All members who are considering joining the diploma training course, need to complete the ISSE Initial Competence Assessment Form and Individual Learning Plan Form prior to, or at the time of their application for the course. These forms are used in order to assess the quantity of CPD course training you may need to attend to be successful in gaining the diploma. 

Please return the completed forms either by email to [email protected] or by post to ISSE, Amity House, 156 Ecclesfield Road, Chapeltown, South Yorkshire, S35 1TE. 

Please bear in mind that the two existing ISSE/ABBE Diploma courses are currently being amalgamated into one course that will allow candidates who demonstrate certain intermediate levels of competence in some of the units to be awarded related ISSE certificates (or diplomas) and for candidates who demonstrate an adequate level of competence in all ten units to be awarded a Ofqual Rated ISSE/ABBE Diploma, the latter of which is approximately equivalent to a Bachelor Degree in terms of a competence assessment based qualification.

Training and Qualifications

Although achieving a bachelor degree level qualification on an academic basis normally requires around 3 yrs intensive study the ISSE/ABBE Competence Assessment based qualification can be fast tracked given that candidates qualify by demonstrating their competence by way of a combination of their historic experience and academic qualifications in addition to their interim and ongoing commitment to private study and CPD at group or individual mentor training session attendance together with submission of four pieces of evidence (usually survey reports) that are assessed by an ISSE assessor and independently verified for compliance with the required standard by an ABBE verifier (rather than one off pass or fail examination). Accordingly, candidates with a substantial experience, academic qualifications, and a private study record will require less attendance at ISSE/IOBH CPD training/mentoring sessions and vice versa.

ISSE/IOBH Training (including the subjects not currently incorporated within this handbook manual) necessary to satisfy the competence level required by authoritative organisations such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), Local Authorities, Mortgage Lenders, Insurance Providers and also to enhance your personal professional profile and confidence, is provided in a friendly, easy going and unpressurised manner, on a regular basis, at either 1 day events held at either the IBIS Hotel, Northamptonshire or the University Hospital, Wythenshawe, Manchester or 2/3/4/5 day events held at the ISSE/IOBH Academy, Seaton Hall, Staithes, Saltburn, Whitby, North Yorkshire, TS13 5AT which are due to be expanded to include other locations throughout the UK in the not to distant future.