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The institute runs a number of course for members. These include:

Range of Specialist Subjects:-

Property Condition Audits

Specialist Surveying of Property Defects

Structural Dampness and Timber Decay

Structural Water Ingress - eg: Flooding, Plumbing or Drainage Leaks including Recovery, Hygienic Cleaning, Drying, Restoration and Waterproofing in subterranean situations ranging from domestic cellars, and basements to large civil engineering projects such as road and train tunnels.

Airborne Pollution (actual & potential) and the human health consequences eg: excess dampness, mould, fungi and pollen, bacteria such as legionella, viruses, irritant fibre insulation such as asbestos, glass fibre and mineral wool, gaseous compounds such as carbon monoxide & radon and chemical compounds such as cleaning products, disinfectants, pesticides and formaldehydes contained in plastics and inexpensive wood-based products and soft furnishings, which can in certain circumstances cause various seriously disabling and/or fatal human pulmonary, cardiovascular and cellular diseases, especially in susceptible people, such as COPD, Fungal Asthma, Aspergillosis, Heart Failure and Cancer.

Structural Invasive Plants eg:, Tree and weed roots such as Japanese Knotweed

Small Construction and Structural Integrity Repair Projects

Historic Building Conservation including Listed Buildings, Geology and Archaeology and working in harmony with conservation officers.

Intruder Security by design

Property Management Statutory and Legal Duty of Care Compliance - incumbent upon appointed personnel in accordance with statutory and legal regulatory requirements eg: Gas, Electricity, Fire, Carbon Monoxide, Portable Appliances, Human Health & Comfort and the Environment.

Business Management including Health & Safety, First Aid, Insurance, Guarantees, Warranties and record keeping.

Forensic Expert Level Witness Investigative Service

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The OFQUAL Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF)

On 1 October 2015 Ofqual replaced the Qualification Credit Framework (QCF) qualifications with  a new framework for all Ofqual regulated qualifications named the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

This framework 

  • Includes both 'Guided Learning Hours' and 'Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)' in the 'Total Qualification Time'.

  • Allocates a level (or levels) to a qualification or a component of a qualification