1. An ISSE membership online printable certificate to confirm membership Category and Grade.

  2. An ISSE lapel badge, ISSE vehicle stickers and a copy of the ISSE Professional Code of Conduct.

  3. Complimentary HMRC Tax and VAT investigation legal/accountancy costs protection insurance cover (otherwise costing substantially more than the ISSE annual membership subscription when purchased individually from other sources).

  4. Authorisation to display the relevant ISSE post nominal letters relating to your membership grade after your name on documentation such as correspondence and technical reports, issued in your personal name (subject to qualifying criteria). 

    Technician T Inst SSE or TISSE  
    Associate = A inst SSE or AISSE  
    Member = M Ins SSE or MISSE   
    Fellow = F Inst SSE or FISSE     
    College of Fellows = F Inst ISSE CoF or FISSE CoF


  5. Independent and impartial recognition - of your competence and commitment to treating clients in a professional, honest and fair  manner - by a well established internationally recognised educational institution in accordance with best available practices and a well established industry specific Professional Code of Conduct.

  6. Attendance at regularly arranged Open Forum CPD seminars/meetings (subject to prior notice in order to ensure appropriate venue size).

  7. Participation in ISSE/NAC specialist Linked-in Forums.

  8. Receipt of ISSE periodical newsletter/bulletin publications, Open Forum CPD seminars/meeting agendas and the ISSE/NAC Specialist Journal.

  9. Access to an extensive range of technical, scientific and business management expertise along with unique specialist educational, training and qualification facilities at discounted rates.

  10. Access to the ISSE  Property Condition Audit service facility.

  11. Access to special preferential rates for (a) advertisements placed in the ISSE Corporate shell scheme in the Hibu (Yellow Pages) and Thomsons Directories (generally saving substantially more than the ISSE membership subscription cost) and (b) a complete range of general insurance cover (including Professional Indemnity).

  12. Possible participation in the provision of the ISSE education, training and qualification programmes (subject to possession of the requisite skills and compatibility with other participating members and board level appointment).

  13. Receipt of ISSE generated enquiries pertaining to the geographical area and the sphere of specialist service provided to clients, as applicable.

  14. Indirect influential connection to government via the ISSE’s full membership of the CIC (Construction Industry Council) which has its own office in the Houses of Parliament.

  15. Indirect access to worldwide conservation information via the ISSE’s membership of ICOMOS (International Council of Monuments and Sites).

  16. Access to an In-House programme of education facilities on a lifelong learning competency assessment basis with the pathway, level and pace tailored to the individual members comfort zone utilising home study, networking, CPD (Continuous Professional Development) and ISSE Training Centre facilities – including several Diplomas equivalent to degree level which are independently quality assured by ABBE (the British governmental OFQUAL educational Awarding Body of the Built Environment).