Consumer Relations

As an Institute in a specialist industry ISSE has developed a very wide range of 6 in number level 3 – 6 Diplomas issued by ABBE Awarding Body of the Built Enviroment and ISSE jointly.

These are ABBE ISSE Diploma in Specialist Surveying Damp and Timber, ABBE ISSE NAC Diploma in Ventilation, Mould Prevention and Remediation.

Forthcoming ABBE ISSE Diplomas in Historic Building Conservation, Diploma in Threats to Buildings – Japanese Knotweed, invasive tree and weed roots, security assessments and secure by design, radon gas. Diploma in Waterproofing, Flooding, drainage,restoration, Diploma in ISSE Property Condition Audit, Diploma in Structural defects and repair.

These Diplomas are regulated competence based Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) of 54 units each i,e. 540 hours

As the awards are regulated the ISSE surveyor can provide an assured and transparent audit trail to ensure that clients needs are reliably and competently satisfied.

ISSE Licensed Contractors are contracted to the ISSE to employ qualified ISSE surveyors – either who have been awarded the relevant awards, or are 10 years experienced senior surveyor members or Fellows of the Institute. As the awards were launched in autumn of 2013 the ISSE has allowed a transitional period for surveyor members to qualify in one or more Diplomas within 24 months and as such each surveyor indentured to the training programme has a supervisory surveyor and tutor monitoring the in job training.

Also available are RQF 13 – 36 unit Certificates in Duty of Care and Health and Safety, Business law and management, Client care and relations, and Technician Certificates based on each Diploma.

Following qualifications ISSE impose annual CPD and the rigour of the Standards Department and client dispute and liaison function ensuring standards are complied with and consumers treated fairly.