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Licensed Contractor Membership:

  • Licensed Contractor Membership is appropriate for contracting service provider organisations that are managed by personnel that have attained and maintain ISSE Member or Fellow Membership Status and all other personnel have attained and maintained (or are progressing towards attaining) ISSE Professional membership status. 

NB: Includes one Professional Membership Subscription and 50% discount on additional Professional Membership Subscriptions when remitted simultaneously.

Licensed Contractor Status Membership Benefits

Licensed Contractor members are entitled to benefit from:

  1. The ultimate credibility associated with being a member of the only Institute that is committed to raising standards throughout the construction and built environment industry by representing the interests of both its members, their clients and the general public.
  2. Independent recognition of your commitment to provide your service in a manner that is consistent with Best Practice and Honesty/Ethical behaviour which minimises litigation risks.
  1. Membership of an educational training and qualification body that is able to influence UK government policy via its full membership (one of only 32 full members) of the Construction Industry Council (CIC) which has its own office in the UK Government Houses of Parliament.
  1. Display of both the ISSE logo and reference to Licensed Contractor membership on Licensed Contractor headed documentation.
  1. Making reference to the fact that your personnel are individual professional members of the ISSE and are accordingly committed to adhering to the ISSE Code of Professional Conduct (COPC) and Treat Clients Honestly & Fairly Policy (TCHFP).
  1. Access to remedial installation quotation enquiries received by the ISSE from the general public.
  2. Access to remedial installation quotation enquiries resulting from report recommendations issued by ISSE independent surveyor members.
  3. Access to the ISSE DAS HMRC investigation enquiry legal and accountancy costs insurance cover relating to submission of corporation tax assessments to HMRC.
  1. Access to a special discount in the cost of the ISSE Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service applying to your Licensed Contractor related website.
  1. Access to the ISSE installation related technical backup support service.
  1. Access to the ISSE installation related complains investigation handling and arbitration service, where applicable, including the ISSE forensic expert witness level services.
  1. Access to a wide spectrum of ISSE Continuous Professional Development (CPD) based educational training and qualification events ranging from basic awareness accreditation/reaccreditation up to degree level equivalent diploma level which is independently validated by the ISSE Ofqual validation body partner The Awarding Body for the Built Environment (ABBE).
  1. Access to Property defects related health information via the ISSE’s sister Institute the Institute of Buildings and Health (IOBH) formed in partnership with the National Aspergillus Centre (NAC) facility based at the National Health Service (NHS) University Hospital Wythenshawe Manchester England.
  1. Access to a worldwide conservation resource facility via the ISSE’s membership of the International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS).
  1. Access to a wide range of discounted Insurance facilities (including Professional Indemnity).
  1. Access to a unique installation guarantee back-up warranty service – not only relating to installations undertaken by ISSE Licensed Contractors but also, subject to certain preconditions, on installations carried out by other contractors that are no longer in business (dubbed the Orphan Guarantee scheme which is unique to ISSE Licensed Contractor members).

Membership Subscription frequency and rates - Additional Information


Payment (vat inapplicable for Educational Institutions)


£400Link to this payment

NB: Includes one Professional Membership Subscription and 50% discount on additional Professional Membership Subscriptions when remitted simultaneously

Membership subscriptions

These are payable in advance and can be remitted by either: 

(a) Online Payment - Please click the Payment button in the option you require. 

(b) Credit or debit card payment by phone to the ISSE Administration Centre on 0114 2455552.


Note: All payments need to be identified with your name and postcode to ensure that they are appropriately allocated to your ISSE membership account.