Awareness Certifcation Awards are based upon attendance at 1-day (non-residential) events and are chargeable at £75 pp per event for single event (including 5 hours CPD certification, buffet lunch & refreshments) or £55 pp per event for 4 or more multiple events paid simultaenously, or free of charge for both new/prosepctive members (when attending their first 2 events per year) and longstanding members who contribute towards Institute organisational activities such at training, qualification assessment, mentoring, investigative inspections, administration, managment, research and/or promotion.

Professional Competence Certificates and Diploma Qualification Awards are subject to prior authorisation by the ISSE & based upon, of a combination of previous and/or interim - work experience - private study - regular CPD training guidance events attendance (1-day events and/or one or more 3-day residential events) - personal mentoring sessions (available, as necessary, via ISSE at additional negotiable cost) together with the assessment and independent validation of submitted documentation necessary to demonstrate competence. Diploma Awards are chargeable at the rate of £2350 per award payable in advance or pre-scheduled instalments where attendees have a minimum Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) level 2 prior experience/expertise - incorporates attendance at two 1 day events and one 2 day event including the cost of catering and on side or close by residential accommodation (3 day events only) - additional attendance at 3 day events is charged at the rate of £890 per person per event - based upon min 10 attendees.

All Members & Prospective Members are Welcom to attend any ISSE Training Events - subject to capacity restrictions & 21 days prior receipt of: -

Request for attendance by email to [email protected] (to ensure manageable attendee numbers) and Payment of attendance fees via:

These are payable in advance and can be remitted by any of the following methods:

(a) Online Payment - Please click here to be taken the Payment page

(b) Credit or debit card payment by phone to the ISSE Administration Centre on 0114 2455552.

(c) Standing order - please click this link to request a form .Once completed please return to: ISSE, Amity House, 156 Ecclesfield Road, Chapeltown, SHEFFIELD S35 1TE by post, or email to  [email protected] .


Note: All payments need to be identified with your name and postcode to ensure that they are appropriately allocated to your ISSE membership account.